She’s the Summer Bay sweetheart and he’s the super rad rocker, and together they make the cutest celeb couple!

Indeed ‘Home & Away’ star Rhiannon Fish and ‘The X Factor Australia’ 2011 winner Reece Mastin are an item.

After having met on the set of Mastin’s music video shoot for ‘Shout It Out’, the pair developed a friendship which later blossomed into romance.

But it looks like there a couple of strings attached to dating one of Australia’s hottest teen heart throbs!  Rhiannon Fish has been receiving death threats from Mastin’s fans dubbed “Lil Rockers”.

Fish told ‘The Daily Telegraph’ : "People send me messages on Twitter saying, ‘I hate you, I can’t believe you are dating my husband’, but you just have to laugh at it".

HAVE YOUR SAY: Is this celeb pair the new it-couple of Australia?

Image Source: ‘Shout It Out’ Music Video Screenshot

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