They’re the global phenomenon that put thousands of girls into a frenzy of excitement, but there’s something we should remember about boy band “One Direction”.

The British babes actually owe their success to reality television show “The X Factor”.  It is this program that launched their careers and skyrocketed their popularity to Number 1 around the world!

Last night Australia premiered its 2012 season of “The X Factor”, with one of the most popular acts being boy band "What About Tonight".

Now the words on everybody’s lips are, “Are they 1D to the power of 2”?

Is this the new “One Direction” of Australia?

The logic seems to be there right?  There are 5 boys.  One with the infamous side fringe, one with a perfectly primped “poof”, two that look practically the same, and another one on the side looking pretty as ever.

The question is, what would these boys be called?  “One Direction” are 1D.  Would “What About Tonight” be “WAT”? 

Our response exactly… WHAT?!?! 

We’re not quite sure if these home grown cuties have the same “X Factor” that the “One Direction” boys possess. 

However, the game has just begun, and time will tell whether these rockers will capture the hearts of Australia’s teenage girls.

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